Filming Spaces at the British Schools Museum

  • Georgian Monitorial Schoolroom

    Our oldest space - a large hall dating from 1837 which was intended to teach all 300 boys at this school at once under one Master using the Monitorial teaching method. A rare chance to use a space intended for 'the children of the  labouring poor' rather than the stately school halls of their richer counterparts.

  • Gallery Classroom

    A quintessential Victorian classroom from 1854, built in a 'Gallery' style very common at the time, much like a modern lecture theatre. The classroom holds 30 desks, and is filled with wonderful natural light from the high lantern windows.

  • World War One Classroom

    Opened in 1905, this classroom saw the boys of the Hitchin British School who went off to the Great War to fight. Today it is set up to demonstrate school life during the 1910s-20s as the post-Victorian educational landscape evolved.

  • World War Two Classroom

    The most modern of our classroom spaces, this classroom is set up to show school life from the 1940s and into the 1950s. 

    During the WWII years many evacuee children were sent here to live far from their families and our basement air-raid shelter continues their story.

  • Air Raid Shelter

    During the years of 1939-1945, the threat of an air raid was very real across this Great Britain.

    Underground spaces such as this Victorian school boiler room were pressed into service as makeshift air raid shelters, and today it is preserved as part of the story of the school's history.

  • Girls' School Staircase

    Period staircase with two turns leading to first floor of the Girls' School. (Pictured - mezzanine cupboard on central landing).

  • Girls' School Corridor

    Long school corridor on first floor of Girls' School. 

  • Parking

    Our school buildings are built around a central playground. This area can be used for exterior playtime shots, or for parking for your crew and kit during your time here.

    NB: The entrance is narrow and will not allow for large coaches, but minibus and van are fine. Talk to us about your requirements.


  • Exterior Shots

    Our historic school site is large and varied.

    From the large and imposing 1850s Girls' School pictured here, to the houses built for the Master & Mistress of the schools, to the Edwardian and Victorian classrooms, there is bound to be a shot that meets your needs.

    Girls School Exterior

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Parlour

    This wonderful family home was occupied by one Headmaster and his family for nearly 50 years from 1857-1902.

    In recreating their home c.1880s, we have re-instated their Parlour, Kitchin, Scullery and Pantry downstairs, as well as their outside shed and privy!

    Victorian Parlour

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Master Bedroom

    Our recreation of this 1880s home brings to life the family of the Headmaster, his wife and 5 children who grew up here.

    This large double bedroom was the master bedroom for the parents. This house reflects family life of the time with little need for additions or alterations for filming!

  • Girls' School Cloakroom

    Cloakroom outside the lower toilet block of the Girls' School. 

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Boy's Bedroom

    The smallest bedroom, with a single bed, desk and washstand. 

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Girls' Bedroom

    The second bedroom, that once housed four little girls. Furnished with bed, chest of drawers, chairs and rag rug. 

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Kitchen

    The heart of the Victorian home, our kitchen is laid out and furnished ready for use.

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Scullery

    The Scullery complete with washing copper, where all the family's washing took place. 

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Yard

    Fully enclosed back yard to the Headmaster's House, with a privy and workshed leading off. 

  • Victorian Headmaster's House - Privy

    Victorian privy, leading off the back yard of the Headmaster's House.

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